Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Take the TAP Pledge!

Hi Waste Free Folks!

It has been a busy year in the rethink, reduce, reuse and recycling world (yes we have added a new R - Rethink). So I haven't had a lot of time to post to the Blog, but I have been saving up some great info to share with you!

Friends and I (finally!) saw the film "Tapped" ( "Tapped" is about the bottled water industry. This is an eye-opening must see! The film is available through both the Seattle and King County Library Systems - free and reusable.

The movie was good, and the info below is such a GREAT way to reduce waste that I had to share it! Plus if you choose to take the TAP Pledge you will get 20% off a SteriPEN to sterilize your water - whether at home, while traveling, or during an emergency or disaster (think earthquake)! I am excited about this. Please read more below for the inside scoop.

The film was sponsored by a new organization called TAP - Travelers Against Plastic: If you have done any traveling you have probably seen first hand the amazing amount of plastic garbage suffocating our planet, particularly plastic bottles, as everyone wants clean, healthy water. Plastic is made from oil and this oil based product is everywhere - littering neighborhoods, cities, roadways, ditches and rivers (and in the bellies of our wildlife). Our planet is aprox. 71% water, and oil and water just don't mix! Since water flows downhill, all that plastic is making its way to our precious Oceans. (Please Google "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch" and know that this tragedy affects all 7 of our planets oceans!) 

A SteriPEN is a great, inexpensive solution to reduce plastic bottle waste. SteriPENs are an easy to carry, reusable device that sterilizes water while traveling (or at home). I will definitely be ordering this convenient device (I have heard about it for years, but this film definitely put me over the decision making edge!) I also think these will make GREAT holiday gifts. (Especially since my family and friends already have stylish blue recycling bins!) 

Thanks for reading and Happy Waste Free Traveling!