Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"BAG IT" - Is Your Life Too Plastic? Fri, Sept 9, 6:30pm in Wallingford, Free film & panel discussion ..

Thanks to Marcia Rutan, passionate environmentalist extraordinaire from Seattle Public Utilities, for the free Meaningful Movies event info below. This film event looks great with an excellent lineup of local speakers conducting a panel discussion too. I have heard great things about this movie.

Honestly our society needs to wake up about plastics and how these petroleum based products are polluting and destroying the earth....and contaminating our bodies... Let's all learn together so we can all do our small part, to help repair the bigger picture. I hope to see you there! Details below.

Sustainably yours,
Kim Ducote

"BAG IT" - Is Your Life Too Plastic? This Fri, Sept 9, 6:30-9:30pm Film & panel discussion in Wallingford ...  An evening focused on positive solutions at a local level! ...AND A SELECTION OF SHORT FILMS STARTING AT 6:30!

Please join us following the film for a community conversation with our special guests:

• Michael O'Brien, Seattle City Councilmember

• Diana Crane, Director of Sustainability with PCC

• Trudy Bialic, Director of Public Affairs with PCC

• Jill Mcintyre Witt with Transition Whatcom

• Heather Trim with Zero Waste Seattle

• Dick Lilly with Seattle Public Utilities

• Leo Brodie with Transition Seattle

• Cathy Tuttle with Sustainable Wallingford

BAG IT (65 min, Suzan Beraza, 2010) is a film that examines our society's use and abuse of plastic. The film focuses on plastic as it relates to our society's "throw away" mentality, our culture of convenience, our over consumption of unnecessary, disposable products and packaging -- things that we use one time and then, without another thought, throw them away. Where is away? Away is over-flowing landfills, clogged rivers, islands of trash in our oceans, and even our very own toxic bodies. The main character in the film travels the globe on a fact-finding mission -- not realizing that after his simple resolution, plastic will never look the same way again.

Join our guests following the film for an evening focused how we can impact this issue at the local level!

Learn how you can get involved in the citywide/statewide movement to ban disposable plastic bags. For additional information, go to www.environmentwashington.org.

Download the flyer http://www.bridgings.org/images/Flyers/BagIt_Flyer.pdf Please help us get the word out. Thanks!

For more information on the Transition Movement, go to www.transitionseattle.com or www.transitionus.org. For more information on Sustainable Wallingford and what’s happening locally, go to http://greenwallingford.ning.com/.

(Event is FREE and open to the public! ...but Donations are kindly accepted).


Keystone Congregational Church

5019 Keystone Place North

Seattle, 98103 (in Wallingford)

(0.4 miles west of the I-5 NE 50th St. Exit - Metro Bus Routes 16, 26 & 44)

Directions can be found at www.meaningfulmovies.org