Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sign the Call for Producer Responsibility!

Less waste - whether it is recyclable, compostable or garbage is the real answer.

However, manufacturer's and producer's are making more packaging and more "wasteful stuff"everyday (think about the new, single-cup Keurig Coffee Machines, with all those tiny little plastic cups full of grinds heading to a landfill near you ....ARGH!) The answer? Producer Responsibility - read more below from a great organization - Zero Waste Washington:
Thanks to Suellen Mele & Eva Dale, Zero Waste Washington and for this great information.

Do you think products should be designed to be non-toxic, easier to reuse and recycle, and longer lasting?  Do you want manufacturers to be stewards of the products and packaging they make? Join a growing movement by adding your voice to Zero Waste Washington’s Call for Producer Responsibility. To sign on and read the full statement, visit:

Producer responsibility means that manufacturers step up to take responsibility from “cradle to cradle” for the products they make. E-Cycle Washington is a great example. That program is recycling huge quantities of toxic computers, monitors and TVs from residents, schools and small businesses – all paid for and provided by the producers who make the products.

By signing the Call for Producer Responsibility, you will help us let manufacturers know that residents want producer responsibility here in Washington.

Please sign on and be heard.
Thank you!
Suellen Mele and Eva Dale
Zero Waste Washington

P.S. While you’re on our website, take a look at our campaigns and how you can get involved. Zero Waste Washington has been involved with breakthrough recycling programs in Washington State for close to 30 years. We’re championing a responsible and comprehensive approach to “stuff,” and see producer responsibility as an important part of the equation.